GL Studio – Automotive

Design ready-to-deploy 2D and 3D UIs for automotive embedded systems with GL Studio, the UI design software made for both designers and engineers.

Created by DiSTI, the industry leader in graphical user interface (GUI) software and 3D virtual training solutions, GL Studio lets you create 2D and 3D automotive UI displays and infotainment systems while minimizing manual coding.

The GL Studio, software can be used to develop automotive clusters and instruments, IVIs, HUDs, auxiliary displays, and mobile devices, all without compromising the designer’s vision or the engineer’s instrumentation.

Why GL Studio?

  • Pre-certified to ISO 26262 ASIL D
  • Ready to deploy for web applications, embedded devices, and mobile and desktop hardware
  • Design, prototype, test, and deploy embedded systems with a single code base
  • 10× faster production time than traditional hand-coding with SCEC++
  • Hardware and OS-independent compact runtime library
  • WYSIWYG design environment