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GL Studio is the aircraft design software tool that lets you design without compromise.

Certified under ISO 9001:2015 and created by DiSTI, GL Studio lets you design certifiable embedded safety critical displays and accelerate your time to market by up to 60%.

GL Studio software can be used to develop feature-rich cockpit instruments, MFDs and controls, and virtual immersive cockpit environments – all while giving a 5x increase in runtime performance on the industry’s leading engine.

Why GL Studio?

  • Safety Critical Embedded C++ Code Generator
  • Ready to deploy for embedded systems, simulation, and training
  • Design, prototype, test, and deploy embedded systems with a single code base
  • 10× faster production time than traditional hand-coding
  • Hardware and OS-independent compact runtime library for embedded systems
  • WYSIWYG design environment
  • Code generation reduces manual coding

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