DiSTI’s GL Studio Charter Member of Arm

DiSTI’s GL Studio Charter Member of Arm

DiSTI’s GL Studio Charter Member of Arm

DiSTI’ collaborates with Arm Automotive Developer Community (AADC) to deliver high-performance UI development tools with unique functional safety features to the automotive industry. This collaboration enables Tier 1 and OEM customers to receive the latest UI technology for rapid time to market and lower cost without compromising the UI designer’s vision, the developer’s functionality or the runtime performance.

“Working with ARM over the years has been fantastic,” said Christopher Giordano, Vice President UX/UI Technology. “As a charter member of the Arm Automotive Developer Community (AADC), DiSTI has gained visibility to the latest embedded hardware technology in an effort to best serve our mutual customers and chip vendors that license ARM intellectual property.”

DiSTI and the Automotive Industry:
DiSTI’s provides software developers and UI/UX designers in the automotive markets a graphical User Interface (UI) development tool that specializes in high-performance, reliability, rapid time to market, and functional safety.

GL Studio Applications:
• Used to create cutting-edge graphics for digital clusters, HUDs, and IVI solutions
• Supported over 40 different Arm-based target systems
• Adopted by Boeing, GARMIN, GE Transportation, Hyundai Mobis, Jaguar Land Rover and more…
• Ported to any OpenGL based target system
• A practical list of supported platforms – Click Here

Benefits of GL Studio:
• 80% faster time to market
• 6x better runtime performance
• 50% less CPU utilization
• Highest code reliability
• First UI tool to achieve ASIL D
• 500ms or less UI startup time
• Absolute design flexibility

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